Holy Splendid Hell Nude Model Nina Agdal!

by Lola Byrd on July 1, 2013

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I swear, some fashion shoots are hotter than porn shoots. Of course, fashion has yet to show the split beaver. Regardless, look at these pictures of nude model Nina Agdal.

Technically she’s not nude, cause, ya know, she’s wearing a dress. However, the dress is wet and torn up and sooo see-through that she might as well be wearing Saran wrap.

It works though, I like the wet clothes look. The white of the dress, or what’s left of it, works well against Nina’s tanned skin. I’m also really digging the tan lines on her tits. You rarely see those anymore. It’s making feel nostalgic for porn of days gone by.

Obviously, Nina’s bod is absolutely stunning, from those firm breasts, perked-up nipples, to that round ass. Shazam! We’ve got a winning fashion photoshoot here folks. I’m also going to predict a new fashion trend this summer: the au natural cast away look.

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