“Hookers” Artist Uses Prostitutes As Her Muse

by Calvin Clark on September 12, 2017

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Here in the United States, the world’s oldest profession is a complicated and controversial subject. I don’t know as much about it as Lola, but I did exchange a Sega Dreamcast controller for a blow job in 11th grade. There was a lot of crying and regret afterwards, but I eventually got over the loss of that controller.

Due to hooking being both illegal but a prominent component of pop culture, there are a lot of mixed views about it. It’s not really that hard to exchange money for sex – there’s just no guarantee you won’t end up getting robbed or stabbed. Some feel as if it should be legalized to protect both hookers and their Johns. The argument here is that if it’s going to happen anyway, it might as well be taxed and regulated for everyone’s benefit.

Natalia Fabia is a Los Angeles based artist and a huge fan of hookers.

She uses her artistic prowess to paint images of sultry women and the various types of men who would like to buy a little of their time.

Though we could put on our box-framed glasses, and pretentiously analyze her work to find some deep seated darkness that exposes the black market of sex, the paintings mostly glorify prostitution. They are bright, surreal interpretations of a glamorous, sexy lifestyle painted with a sense of visual realism. They’re kind of like Normal Rockwell paintings if Norman Rockwell really liked sex and punk rock.

Fabia feels that hookers aren’t merely women who illegal sell their booty, but a lifestyle defined by strong, independent women. The people in her painting aren’t naïve, manipulated young women selling themselves because they’re out of options. These are merely depictions of what the artist feels to be powerful individuals who happen to be in situations where older men are giving them money for sex.

Art – fuck yeah.

Here’s Fabia’s series Hooker Dreamscape:


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