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by Joy Topaz on January 31, 2012

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Yesterday, as I was leaving a Price Chopper in upstate New York with armfuls of weird shit you can’t buy in Canada, I was confronted with a badass, sexy, baby blue Thunderbird. So I said, “HEY! SEXY CAR! DAYYY-UM. YOU FINE”. But it didn’t say anything back (rude).

I’m a (mostly) straight girl but when I see a babe, I see a babe. I don’t care if it’s a fella, a chick, or a ‘Stang, I want to drool on it. Just ask my boyfriend, who’s a boner-fide (yeah I did) babe. I drool on him all the time. I was super riled up, so when I got home I Googled THUNDERBIRD. It was so sexy that I naturally then searched HOT GIRL IN THUNDERBIRD. Nothing. Then THUNDERBIRD SEXY. Nope. “There are no pictures of babes in Thunderbirds!” I yelled at Marigold (that’s my laptop’s name).  “This is. So. Wrong.” But obviously I’m just bad at Googling when riled. I took a deep breath and typed GIRLS VINTAGE CARS. Bingo.

But these sexy pictures made me realize something terribly sad: I’ve never done it in a car.  No letting down the passenger seat, no lustfully shoving back seat groceries aside for a five-minute fuck frenzy. I’ve never sat naked on a car, or poked my fishnetted calves out of an MG’s window. I’ve never even given or a received a handjob or head in a car. Dear Peeperz readers, please tell me that you have done filthy things to a beautiful person in a beautiful car (10 points for Thunderbirds).

Then watch this video with me. It’s already made me feel better twice!

Phoenix Marie mechanics of sex brought to you by PornHub

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