Hot Half-Naked Tattooed Chicks By Alexander Tikhomirov

by Lola Byrd on March 26, 2012

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Every time I see a hot half-naked chick with wicked tattoos, I get an urge to get more tattoos, but most of the time I resist, because I don’t want to be covered in ink from head to toe when I’m an 80 year-old woman. I figure, I already have enough tats to go around. After seeing these pics though, I have to say I’m pretty damn tempted. It’s the huge dragon thigh/hip tattoo that’s really doing it for me in this time around.

I got my first tattoo when I was fifteen and visiting an older friend who was going to school in Montreal. To be honest, I didn’t really think it through. I was pretty damn broke. Actually, I’m pretty sure I spent my last 60$ getting some ink instead of buying a bus ticket home like I was supposed to (ended up hitchhiking home – my mom was thrilled).

The tattoo shop we went to ended up being the worst place in Montreal. You know, the kind of place only young dumb tourists go to. My friend was in a hurry and it took me about a minute to find something in my price range; a small black tribal design, which I decided to have tattooed on my neck. Smart, right?

You see, it was the beginning of the summer and I was wearing a short dress that happened to have long sleeves, so if I wanted to get the damn thing done on any body part above my ass and below my neck, I would have had to get completely undressed. Something I didn’t want to do considering the tattoo shop was wall to wall windows and on the main drag in Montreal, which meant that a shitload of people were standing on the street gawking at the people getting tats. So, on my neck it went, and fifteen years later it’s still there.

It’s actually not so bad. I mean, if my body was a blank slate that’s definitely not the first tattoo I would get these days, but most of the time I forget it’s there and it kind of blends in well with my hair. So whatever.

The tattoo on my back is a whole different story. I’ll save it for another time. Meanwhile, enjoy these fucking awesome pics by photographer Alexander Tikhomirov. Goddamn, sexy chicks with sexy ink are sexy! What do you guys think?

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