Hot Tub Sex Arrest

by Alpha Harlot on March 20, 2019

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I’ve filmed porno in a hot tub before.  Anything that has to do with sex in the water is my jam.  Being completely consumed by liquid makes the action so much more fun for me.  

There was a time in my life where I would house sit for a relative who owned a hot tub (and a pool, but if I’m being for real, I’m all about the hot tub).  I spent the entire week coming up with different scenes to film for my Xtube Amateur account. It was totally one of the most creative weeks in my life. I fucked a suction cup dildo on the refrigerator, on the kitchen counter, on the balcony sliding glass door.  Anywhere that I could get that dick to stick, I masturbated.

My absolute favorite was in the hot tub though.  

I’d take the suction cupped cock and press it down into one of the seats, then I’d line my clit up with one of the jets and turn that shit up on high.  It’s still one of my favorite orgasms to think about. The whole week melds together into one long orgasmic memory for me. It’s kind of amazing.

Private hot tubs are obviously the way to go when it comes to banging. When you add the whole public sex aspect to things, it can get a bit messy.  That’s exactly what happened to a couple from Michigan who decided to get amorous in a hot tub at the Kalahari Resort in Ohio.

Kemden Mack and Taylor Coates were charged with disorderly conduct after they were snagged having sex in a hot tub.  A bit after 8PM on March 5, 2019, things started getting steamy for the couple. They threw caution to the wind but weren’t careful about watching out for passers by.  A lifeguard asked the couple to stop what they were doing. They kept going, because, “Damn the man!” and then security got called. Kamden wasn’t cooperating with security because he’s a privileged white guy who figured that, since he spent thousands of dollars to stay at the resort, he could fuck wherever he pleases….

The couple was being escorted off the property, but asked if they could return to the hot tub to gather up their property.  The cops said Ok…and then the couple took off running.

Not the smartest idea.

Cops caught up with them and, instead of losing out on a few thousand dollars worth of vacation time, now they were both taken away in handcuffs.  Because this whole scenario is playing out like a cartoon, when Kemden was put into the back of the police car, he tried the door handle, which wasn’t locked, and he ran away again.

I mean, at some point you have to give up the ghost and just accept the fact that you’re about to go to jail because you were fucking your girlfriend in a hot tub.  Next time pay one of your buddies to be a look out and things like this are less likely to happen.

Source:  Detroit News

Image: Dana DeArmond in Secretly Rubbed in the Hot Tub by Brazzers

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