How Long is Too Long To Fuck?

by Alpha Harlot on November 7, 2017

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There’s a metric fuck ton of video evidence as to how quickly I can orgasm. Five squirting orgasms in 10 minutes? I’ve done it. Thirty two orgasms in a day? It was a hell of a 31st birthday, but I did it all live on cam for some Xtube friends.

My pussy was worn out as fuck after that. I could have stopped at like 27 and been totally cool with it…the perverts watching me egged me on and I couldn’t help myself. That’s totally my problem, not yours.

I was reading an interview that Mia Khalifa gave to Men’s Health and I learned that she prefers her sex sessions to be between 7 and 15 minutes long.

Not the dick mind you, but the length of the actual fuck session.

Quoting the interview linked below, she says:

I think a quickie is usually about 5-7 minutes, and something more passionate is usually about 10-15 minutes. I don’t like hour-long sessions. I get chafed and tired and Sportscenter is usually about to be on. Wrap it up, people.

That number took me back, because 7 really doesn’t seem like long enough…but then I realized that I usually masturbate in less time than that.


When my wife and I are banging, it’s usually about a 20 minute session…you figure less than 10 minutes or so for me to cum and then the remaining amount of time for her to cum. We both are very aware that it takes me way less time to climax, so she’ll usually get me off once, then I’ll get her super close to the edge….then she’ll start circling my clit with her fingers again so that I can get off a second time.

We’ve got a system, much like other old married couples, I guess.


Anyway, the whole reason that I wanted to talk about this is to find out about you Peepz. How long do you spend masturbating vs. getting off with your partner?

Let me know if Mia’s got the right idea in the comments below and, in the meantime, how bout if you take a look at her while she’s getting dicked down by J-Mac.

Source: Men’s Health

Image: Jessica Lynn in In Need of a Man by Brazzers

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