Hump Day, GIF Day: Angelina Valentine Gets You Through The Week

by Lola Byrd on May 17, 2017

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Angelina Valentine is one of the baddest bitches in porn. I used to watch a lot of her “Hot & Mean” scenes back when I had a Brazzers membership. If you’ve never watched “Hot & Mean” I recommend those scenes in particular, especially if you like watching lesbians teach each other harsh lessons about life.

There’s one scene I remember called “Open Your Fucking Mouth and Eat My Cunt” where Angelina overhears her girlfriend talking on the phone to the guy she’s having an affair with, so in good ol’ “Hot & Mean” tradition Angelina decides to teach her lady a lesson with the help of a strap-on.

Lessons were learned, my Peepz. Lessons were learned.

Oh man, it’s been a while, though, since I’ve watched an Angelina Valentine scene. I wonder what she’s been up to lately?! Did she retire? It’s hard to tell. IMDB hasn’t listed any new scenes since 2014. Not that IMDB is the most reliable when it comes to porn.

I give up trying to figure out what she’s doing these days, the internet is no help at all! She’s on Twitter, except she killed her old account and then appeared to have started a new one, only to abandon it and start a third Twitter account. Her personal website shows that she’s booked for an upcoming life show, but when I click on that link I get redirected to a membership site. I don’t know. Whatever. Here are some GIFs.


Where are they in this scene, a garage?


Doesn’t have a gag reflex. Also, look at those balls pull up.









I don’t get the supposed Angelina Valentine and Angelina Jolie resemblance that people go on about, except in this GIF. This IF could be Angelina Jolie for realz.




Check out this video of Angelina Valentine courtesy of Pornhub:

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