Hump Day, GIF Day: Kira Noir Gets You Through The Week

I’ve got masturbation injuries. You know that feeling you get when you haven’t had sex in a while and then you get some and the next day you’re sore in places your forgot existed? Yeah, that feeling. It’s the same feeling you get when you go to the gym after a long staycation and the next day your abs hurt every time you laugh… or breathe.

Point is, I had lots and lots and lots of orgasms and now my lower abs are crying. Yup, crying. True story.

What else, what else? Right, Kira Noir is here. Well, not actually here. Like here in this blog post. Maybe you can look at her GIFs, get a nice stiffy, then look at some of her Pornhub vids and have so many orgasms your lower abs start to cry.

It’s all that contracting and releasing, it really does a number on you.

What else, what else can I write about… Have you Peepz done your taxes yet?

Yup, I’ve clearly lost it. I no longer know what to write about. It’s come to that point where I just babble and babble and babble, except that’s all I’ve ever done so there’s no real change there.

I could always fall back on bio facts. Yes, let’s give that a try.

Unlike a lot of girls in porn who are gay for pay, Kira Noir used to think she was a straight up lesbian. She was with tons of chicks before porn. You can blame the first guy she ever had sex with, because apparently he was such a bad lay that Kira came to the conclusion that she only liked women.

It wasn’t until she got some good dick that she realized she was bisexual. Life is funny that way. Now, Kira can’t get enough of that D and that P.






















Check out this video of Kira Noir courtesy of Pornhub:

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  • Cody

    I love smaller, suckable titties and marijuana shaped pubes. Outstanding!!

    • Agreed about the first part!

      • Cody

        You prefer the pubes a bit more relaxed eh?

  • I’ve spent most of the last week in bed cause it feels like I’ve been snapped in half. Oh and I had a UTI for a while that was fun. The girl that I have a huge crush on looks like she has a boyfriend so I’ve been super depressed. I did do my taxes months ago though so there’s that.

  • Mark Simkulet

    I guess if you have to have hurting abs, I’m glad that it was from having tons of orgasms. Thanks for spotlighting Kira Noir! She’s always amaaaaazing.