Hump Day, GIF Day: Kristen Scott Gets Your Through The Week

by Lola Byrd on April 12, 2017

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I did this thing where one friend invited me to a show and then I invited another friend to the same show and now he wants to bring his kid, because he can’t find a babysitter and now I have to tell the first friend that this outing has become a kid friendly zone and now my worlds are colliding and I’m kind of freaking. I should think before I act, because otherwise I’ll end up like George Costanza.

Seinfield really did a lot in terms of bringing certain expressions and ways of thinking into mainstream culture. Too bad that one guy ended up going on a racist tirade.

What I’m going to do is spring the kid thing at the last minute. I laid the groundwork by asking friend 1 if it was cool if I invited friend 2. I told friend 2 that friend 1 wants to join us and now when it gets to be closer to the event I’ll tell friend 1 that friend 2’s kid is coming.

Yup, that wasn’t convoluted at all and it definitely won’t blow up in my face.

Enjoy these porny GIFs of Kristen Scott the porn actress not the be confused with Kristin Scott Thomas the British actress. Although, if they ever make a porn version of The English Patient they could definitely cast one or the other as far as I’m concerned.


That’s the spot!


Jesus, she’s tiny. It looks like she’s getting impaled.


She seems to like it though.


Yup, she definitely likes it.


I thought anal sex was supposed to be a little slower?


Oooh, look at those red bum cheeks!


That blanket looks comfy.


That’s my drunk face.


Teeny tan lines for teeny boobies.



Check out this video of Kristen Scott courtesy of Pornhub:

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  • Long story short: Lola is gonna watch The English Patient with some kid while her two friends get it on inn the bagel shop bathroom. Got it.

  • Oh Gawd, how did you sum up my life so well?

  • 很荣幸来访您的博客,留言只是证明我来过!

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