Hump Day, GIF Day: Sasha Grey Get You Through The Week

by Lola Byrd on July 12, 2017

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A few years ago, James Deen (ugh) announced that Sasha Grey was the most hated name in the porn industry. I don’t know how much I trust what that guy says, but according to him Peepz in the porn industry kind of felt like she was throwing the XXX biz under the bus in order to get ahead in the mainstream industry.

“Sasha Grey has not engaged with anyone in pornography for a really long time. That’s, like, the name that is not said in this business. I don’t have anything against her, but in the adult-film world she has a very bad reputation for many reasons. The reality is that she was 18 when she started doing porn and between 18 and 23 her goals changed, and she wants to do different things now. Actually, my ex-girlfriend and her have the same manager, and her manager dropped her because in the Entourage meeting, apparently she had this whole freakout about how porn ruined her life. The second they left the meeting, in the elevator, she was like, “I think I’ll get the part now.” And the manager was like, “Are you serious? You just said that porn ruined your life and you’re just laughing about it now? What was that, fake?

Is that true? I have no idea, but I also don’t really care. Bitches gotta do what bitches gotta do to get ahead. Can’t throw over the Patriarchy? Beat them at their own game!

Some Peepz just can’t handle it when you’re the head bitch in charge.


That ass.


I love Sasha slightly puffy nipples.


I always got the sense that Sasha and Stoya didn’t get along IRL. They were pitted against each other a lot what with the whole being pale intellectual brunettes thing.


That sweat looks yummy.


Those eyes.


Fuck me.


I LOVE THIS ONE. She looks so damn cute.


Those abs.


Yup, that’s how that’s done.


And this is why Sasha Grey is the best.

Check out this video of Sasha Grey courtesy of Pornhub:

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  • Cody111811

    The hottest chick ever to do porn. When she came into the business, she said there was nothing she wouldn’t do (besides scat). She can even act a little.

    • Erswi

      I’m a big SG fan but she’s far from the hottest chick ever…

      • Who do you think is the hottest chick ever?

        • Erswi

          My adolescent porn crush was Tori Welles. A bit later on I was a Jessica Drake fan. I’d put JD far above Sasha just for pure hotness.

  • Is stabbing people in the face and putting their body in an oven still illegal? I’d get through the week better if it wasn’t.

    Is Sasha still around?

    Yay Lexi in the Kim Boekbinder video!

  • Zach Becvar

    I remember the big deal that was made when The Girlfriend Experience came out and Sasha’s transition to mainstream acting. I saw it a couple of years after it came out. HORRIBLE MOVIE.

    • I couldn’t sit through it. I just fast forwarded through the whole thing to get the gist of it.

  • Toxik

    whatever story is true don’t matter to me. i’ll do her.

  • Spencer

    What movie is the scene where she pulls off the nipple clamps with her mouth above. #4???

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