I Got Fucked In a Corn Maze

by Alpha Harlot on October 14, 2017

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Fall gets me feeling frisky. It’s still hot as balls in Jersey, but we’ve caught a few days where the weather was crisp enough to make my nipples hard with a slight breeze.

It’s my favorite.

My wife and I like to participate in as much fun as possible in our down time because we don’t get much of it. We’re of the opinion that sleeping can happen when we’re dead, so we pack our weekends with multiple trips with as many groups of friends and family as we can. It’s tiring, so when we get home, there’s been less banging and more snoring.

Last weekend, we went to a Harvest Corn Maze Festival with some people that we grab beer with occasionally. They’re not exactly friends, but they aren’t completely annoying, so when they invited us out, we decided to give it a shot.

Worst case scenario was that we buy some pumpkins and be back home early.

There were 7 of us milling about the farm and someone suggested that we give the corn maze a shot.

Little known Harlot fact: I’m terrified of corn mazes. I don’t like feeling lost at all and being surrounded by Children of the Corn style scenery does nothing for me.

I was a champ and only through my wife one side-eye when she said, “Yeah sure…let’s go!”

It only took a few minutes and a handful of turns before we got separated from our group. My anxiety was high, so my babe decided to put her hand in the ass pocket of my jeans to give me a reassuring squeeze.

“I don’t like this,” I said to her.

“I know you don’t, but it’ll be fine. We’ll make our way out eventually. Until then though…why don’t we try taking a short cut.” She pushed a handful of stalks out of the way and pulled me into the cornfield. She started kissing me and pulled at the waistband of my pants to get her hand down inside.

As soon as she started to rub my clit, all my fear and anxiety went away.

She kept kissing me to keep my moans at a minimum. We could see people through the corn, but they never noticed us. Because she knows exactly how to get me off, it was only a few minutes before her fingers were sticky with my cum.

We decided to give the maze another go and found our way back to the path. About 20 minutes later when we saw the exit, we started running towards it, only to find that we had beaten our bar buddies. I called one of them to figure out what had happened, and apparently they had been walking in circles the entire time. My wife and I made the best of this part of our alone time too, and made out with each other until they found their way out of the maze.

This weekend we’re supposed to go to another corn maze with her family. I just might have to pull her aside for a taste of her own medicine.

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Image: Lana Lopez and Aimee Addison in Lesbian of the Flies by Brazzers

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