I Learned My Sex-Ed From Pornstars

by Alpha Harlot on June 18, 2013

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In my high school, sex education was a joke. We were taught about the old in out, in out by a middle aged man who wore parachute pants with all sorts of crazy 80’s patterns on them. The room itself was painted Pepto Bismol pink and he had posters hanging up all over the place with pictures of the inner workings of cocks and pussies.

The one thing I remember about him is that he always used to say the word, “Penis,” louder than any other word in whatever sentence it was that he was speaking…and every time he said the word, I would turn a deeper shade of red and the guys in the class would start giggling.

The only thing that I learned from that class was that sex gave you diseases and babies. I was interested in neither of those things.

When I was 18, I had sex for the first time and I realized that everything bad that I had heard about sex was a lie. I was set loose on a college campus with a massive chip on my shoulder and years of pent up frustration with a brand new hobby.

I was a super slut who was basically interested in having sex with whoever happened to cross my path. But after I fucked a few people, I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about sex as far as positions or orgasms were concerned.

When I discovered my roommate’s lesbian VHS tapes underneath her mattress, I couldn’t get enough.

Those poorly shot, 8 hour compilation tapes were my textbooks. I sat in front of my tiny TV/VCR combo and watched them over and over again whenever she wasn’t around. I learned technique. I learned about health and safety. I learned how to masturbate and suck cock.

Those are all things that I wish I was taught in school instead of the lectures that we were given. Sex isn’t boring at all. It’s awesome and I wish that it had been explained to me that way.

What if I wasn’t taught sex ed by a muscle bound gym teacher? What if there was a pornstar sitting on the desk, teaching about the birds and the bees?

The new principle of The Leys in Cambridge, a fancy pants boarding school in the UK, is tossing around the idea of having a pornstar teach all about the XXX industry in sex ed class.

Mr. Mark Slater says that he felt that the person was going to be a good influence on his students that having an adult actress teach the class about the dark side of pornography would be useful in breaking societies addiction to pornography.

I’ve got to disagree with him there.

If I have the knowledge that someone standing in front of me has been naked and there is photographic evidence, you better believe that I’m going to be searching the fuck out of their name over on PornMD.

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