I Like Naked “Girls On The Floor”

by Bucky Beall on February 2, 2012

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Our senior Web Designer and chief Bronie W. “WildMan” Michaels sent me over this photo shoot of nekid womin laying on the ground with the photographer standing over them and it is hawt hot hawt! Usually when WildMan sends me over some porn it’s “design porn” like art deco computer cases  or clear glass offices in the woods or really tiny houses or usb keytars or, like, those sneakers with autolaces from Back to the Future but for real, but this time it’s some fine ass pornography he’s delivered to me via interoffice instant messenger.

Of course the original hosting site, the photographer, the girls in the photos, and the target audience, wouldn’t call this collection of topless pics porno,but this shit gets me off man. This gets me off hardcore. Watching skin flicks all day leaves me prone to liking anything a little more different, and topless girls being goofy on the floor with the photographer’s chucks in the shot all with over-saturated colors tugs my horny soul. Hit up the pics and feel free to tap the thumbnails for the larger versions:

Via Wildman Michaels & HighSnobiety.com

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