Ibiza Chick Dancing With Laser Butt Plug In Her Arse

by Lola Byrd on June 6, 2014

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Duh, it’s a butt plug. Of course it’s in her arse… where else would it be?!

Some dude recorded this video when he was at Pacha Ibiza. Apparently this girl was on the trapeze for a while and he saw something in her butt, but couldn’t figure out what it was. A harness, perhaps? A strap? Holy fuck nut, it’s a laser beam. When that green light was turned on the crowd went crazy. Obvs.

I’d go nuts too if I witness this in the flesh:


That’s pretty amazing. I wonder how she keeps it from slipping out?!

You really gotta wonder about the person who came up with this idea, mostly, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before now?! You’d think that laser butt plug stripping would be it’s own niche by now, but no, this is the first I ever hear of it. From sharks with laser beams on their heads to strippers with laser beams coming out of their arses, it’s the next logical step.

Now, if only we could combine the two somehow… All my dreams would come true and I could die in peace, or at least sleep in peace. Nah, that’s not right either. Masturbate in peace, maybe?! That’s sounds better. Although, I do enjoy the occasional tension orgasm.

What am I saying?! It’s laser beam butt plug strippers for me now and nothing else.

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