I’d Be Down to Eat CupcakKe #JustSayin

by Alpha Harlot on April 12, 2018

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I feel like I just found my Spring Anthem of 2018 Peepz. Have you heard of CupcakKe? She’s a super sex positive recording artist who does all her shit her God damn self. You want to book her, she’s the one to talk to. You need an email response? She’s the one that’s going to be hitting you back. She’s got more sexual energy in her music videos than some porno performers will every find in front of the camera.

CupcakKe has songs that are blatantly looking for hard dicks and wet pussies. She calls her music, “Sex Education,” and when you listen to her spit, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

Back in March, YouTube took down two of her clips because they’re fucking prudes and thought that they had violated their standards. I call bullshit, the Internet called bullshit…YouTube ended up changing their minds and putting the videos back up with a, “We made the wrong call,” apology.

Here’s her clip for 2015’s Deepthroat which has over 25 million fucking views:

Her lyrics kill me. I feel like after every line I’m screaming, “Yessssssssss!” right through a smile that knows I’ve been waiting to hear this shit my whole life. Not only is her music smart, which obviously turns me on, but she rocks confidence like crazy. I think that’s the cherry on top.

Anyway…my Spring Jam for 2018 is undoubtedly going to be CupcakKe’s Duck Duck Goose. I mean, the song starts out with the line, “I thought I came but I peed on a dick. Pubic hair got inches that’s weave on a dick.”
Yes Peez.
All the yes.

She’s a lot like Peaches in the fact that they both get down with making music that is almost exclusively sexually aggressive. Their styles and ways of expressing things are way different though. There is so much room in the music industry for sex-positive female presence so bring it on…

I suggest you check out CupcaKe’s links below and immerse yourself in her mouth. It’s filthy and doing good things all the time.

Source: CupcakKe’s YouTube, her twitter (under the persona of Marilyn MonHOE) and Jezebel

Image: Screengrab from Duck Duck Goose by Cupcake

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