Internet Grounding For Fake Sex Ad

by Alpha Harlot on February 18, 2014

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As a young slutty woman who was experimenting with online dating for the first time, I made a lot of terrible mistakes when I judged people’s character. I’d give my number out to anyone who asked for it, which got more than a bit complicated on a few occasions.

This one time, I went out for a drink with this guy who gave me the creeps as soon as he shook my hand. I left half way through my first drink when I just couldn’t take the bad vibes that I was getting from him.

Dude got pissed off when I didn’t return his phone calls or emails and he posted an add on Craig’s List with my number saying that I was looking to suck dick for free.

Now, granted…I always suck cock for free. I’ve never had a cash exchange for oral sex or anything, but it takes quite a bit of effort to get me on my knees with my mouth wide open in front of you.

My phone started ringing off the hook. After the fifth call from random guys in about an hour, I played along for a minute and asked the stranger where he got my number from.

When he responded that he got my number Craig’s, I turned off my ringer and took to the internet to find that my digits were there in a poorly written add in the Casual Encounters section for NYC. I was obviously super upset and wanted to get to the bottom of who had done this to me.

I created a fake email address and responded to the ad, asking if they were for real.

Douche Bag McCreepy responded via the email address that I had for him…and I called him immediately and ripped him a new asshole. He pulled the ad and I never heard from him again.

In a slightly similar vein, this guy named Jason Willis from Wisconsin decided to play a “joke” on his neighbor back in 2012. He posted her full name and address on Craig’s and a few guys just randomly showed up at her door completely naked and ready to bone. She went to the police and they tracked down the perpetrator.

As punishment for his crime, a judge sentenced Willis to 30 months probation and a ban from the Internet. They claim that, since he used the Internet as a weapon, taking it away from him fits the crime.

Honestly, I think that grounding this guy from the Internet is a bit lenient. The woman he played the “prank” on is still psychologically messed up over the situation, so paying her some kind of restitution seems fair to me.

Here’s a video of some neighbors playing nicely with each other. I’m not exactly sure what they’re talking to each other about, but she ends up naked and sucking his thick mushroom tip, so it had to be good.

Kitchen sex with teen neighbor brought to you by PornHub

Have you ever posted fake ads on the Internet? What kind of responses did you get?

Source: Huffington Post

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  • SAW

    I’m wondering if this is really a true story. Who in their right mind would ever put their phone # on a site known for creepy surfers. Did you expect a friendly call from a swell guy? C’mon dear…you know way better than that. I think maybe you should ground yourself from the net for at least a month. On a good note, I’m glad you didn’t get hurt….or worse.

    • Alpha Harlot

      You seem to have completely misread my post.
      I didn’t post the ad with my number, the guy that I blew off posted an ad with my number because he was pissed off that I didn’t bang him.
      I was an idiot for going on a date with him and giving him my real number.
      As soon as Google Talk came out, I was all over that shit. If I’ve given you my number in the last 4 years, it was probably a fake Google one.

      • SAW

        Oh…I get it now. I thought you’d posted your # for everyone to see. My bad. So what are your digits?? Rrrrrr

  • BDY

    I used to belong to a chat/cam site not all that long ago. One of the female members was rather free with the personal information she would let out in chat. I had gotten to know her fairly well when I sent her a private message with her home phone and home address. As expected she freaked out and that was the point. I explained to her that the internet is full of creeps that would do some pretty horrible stuff with the information and she needed to be a lot more guarded when in open chat. If she got to know someone, like myself, and let out a bit more information that probably wouldn’t be an issue but to be very careful. Needless to say, she adjusted her willingness to give out tidbits on her personal life or was a bit more vague when talking. I haven’t talked to her in years but when we last spoke she still wanted the D and I wasn’t divorced yet. I probably should have followed up on that once the paperwork was filed.

  • What a douche!

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