Is Keto Crotch a Thing?

by Alpha Harlot on March 12, 2019

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What you put into your body makes a difference as to what comes out of your body. That old wives tale about eating pineapple to make your spunk sweeter is absolutely founded in truth. If you eat lots of sugary goodness, your cum will change it’s taste.

I can go on for hours about the magic that happens to cum when you eat pineapple a before sex. That’s the cum I crave at this point in my life. It’s the sweetly bitter delicious fountain of jizz that makes me ache for cock sometimes. I miss taking huge facials and licking little drops off of my lips.

With the Keto diet that’s all the rage right now, you avoid every bit of sugar you possibly can. No carbohydrates means no bread, but it also means no fruit. One side effect of eating little to no sugar is that you’re cum is going to taste, well…not so sweet. People are calling that phenomenon Keto Crotch. While I’m no doctor, I can’t imagine something that makes your body react in that way could be a good thing.

Here’s my whole issue with Keto in general.

Any diet that is going to tell you that eating fruit is a bad idea seems to be formulated on bad science. I totally understand avoiding bread and eating healthy foods…but if you are being told to choose between bacon and strawberries and the diet you’re on is telling you that bacon is totally the way to go, how healthy can that be? Honestly.

I’ve got a handful of friends that are doing Keto now. When I saw the article about Keto Crotch being a thing, I asked them about it. They were super hesitant to give me any information about the way that their privates smell. I tried a few different angles but they wouldn’t give me any information because I’m “rude and nosey,” or what the fuck ever.

I’m just asking the pertinent questions, you know?

While I have no direct evidence that Keto Crotch exists, I can imagine that it’s real. If you don’t eat sugar, the fluids that your body secretes are not going to contain any sugar. The pH balance of your body (vag included) can be thrown off.

Since my friends were no help, I’m asking you Peepz. Are you doing Keto? If you are, have you noticed a change in the way your fluids smell or taste (if you’re into that type of thing)? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter with your thoughts.

Source: Insider

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