Is Smartphone addiction Ruining Your Love Life?

by Calvin Clark on November 1, 2018

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After five years of reading sex related news, studies, and articles I have made two noteworthy observations: The key to maintaining good mental and physical health is having regular sex, and the key to having regular sex is staying healthy mentally and physically.

Positive wellbeing is a self-perpetuating machine and the trick to keeping it going is to do as much as you can in any little way to help yourself. There’s no black and white guide to keeping your love life healthy just as there isn’t a single thing you can do to make yourself happy. You just have to keep doing all of the little things and ignore all the bullshit.

For example when I read an article that suggested smart phones are among the top reasons couples cited as contributing to relationship problems, I took the information with a grain of salt.

A survey of 175 adults indicated that “phubbing,” or paying too much attention to one’s phone instead of a significant other, was directly linked to reduced levels of satisfaction with a relationship. Hmm!

The results of their survey confirm the findings of similar studies that say spending too much time on a smartphone is as big of a problem to troubled relationships as sex and money. As the article goes on to explain “phubbing” is a very broad way to describe a range of behaviors.

There’s a big difference between glancing at the notifications when your phone buzzes during dinner, and actively browsing everyone’s stories on Snapchat while your partner talks about their day. One is mildly annoying while the other is justification for a belly-to-belly suplex.

This doesn’t apply to just lovers either. If I drag my introverted corpse into public places to spend time with a friend and they use half of it checking Facebook, I’m going to be really snarky and passive aggressive about it later on.

All things considered, I don’t think this information is a sign that you should smash your phone at the first sign of conflict in a relationship. However, being aware that your lover may be jealous that you’re looking at your phone instead of enjoying the time you’re spending together is very important.

Being mindful of this one detail could be the little thing that makes your whole life that much better.

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