Is Your Sex Long Enough?

by Alpha Harlot on April 16, 2019

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For most of my life, forty-five seconds is about all it took for me to orgasm when I focused.  Obviously I know exactly how I like to be touched and what I like to be touched with, but even when I’m with a lover, it took much less time for me to climax than the average person.  Some people (most guys, if I’m being honest) thought this was great, but not being able to edge myself definitely took a toll on how I was able to experience sex.

If you ask the average person, they’ll say that they want men to take a long time before orgasm.  If a woman is involved in the scenario, it’s bonus points if she cums quickly. So premature ejaculation bad, quick cumming ladies good. If I had to gather a guess as to this twisting frame of thinking we’ve been forced to believe, it’s probably because the “manly” thing to do is to last for hours but because it takes a little longer to get to know lady bits, getting that over and done with as quickly as possible is the name of the game.

Ah patriarchy…there you are!

I am 100% guilty of doing this, Peepz.  

When I first started hooking up with my wife, I had to learn all over again how to please her body.  I think I was more worried about getting her off than I was on actually experiencing the pleasure. It was lame of me.  Even now, my wife feels slighted because she can make me cum quicker than I can make her cum. She feels guilty that it takes her so long, I feel guilty that I’m so sensitive that it doesn’t take me long at all.

Somehow, we’re going to find a way to put our guilt aside and realize that both of us have positives and negatives in the bedroom.  My quick orgasms are great for public sex situations. The less time her hand is down my pants, the less likely we are to get caught.   The fact that she takes a bit longer means that I have the chance to really savor every inch of her body.

I think that my advice regarding the duration of sexual experiences is to make sure that both partners are satisfied.  If you cum first, make sure that you take some time and help your partner reach their climax and I mean, that is if orgasms are even something you are both interested in.  Some people want to edge forever and never fully explode. To completely misquote Bobby Brown, “That’s their prerogative.”

Source: The Guardian

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