It’s A Taylor Momsen Tit-Flashing-Fan-Stripping-Makeout-Party

I’m getting a little sick of professional jailbait Taylor Momsen, but I kind of think of her as the Peeperz mascot, and when she’s an old lady of 18 and her career is over I’ll actually give her a paid job as our mascot, we can put a box in the corner of the screen where she can webcam her gyrations and pelvic thrusts to all you readers.

She’s been touring Europe with her shitrock band The Pretty Reckless and whipping out of all her hits at each stop –  hits like flashing her tits, her panties, having fans onstage so they can strip down to their bras, and lesbian make outs with said fans. Even though we’ve seen this all before she put on a particularity good show recently with 5 stripping fans and extra fake dykingout – the only way she’d ever top this performance is if pornstar Jenna Haze joined her on stage and pretended to eat Momsen out.

Whatever my feelings about her act getting tired I have to admit her encouraging young nubile chicks to strip down and lez out in public is pretty awesome. You can see the pics below and I’ve also thrown in a poll to see if you’re starting to feel Momsen exhaustion.

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  • Lola Byrd

    I might be getting too old for this shit, but who the hell us this girl and does she have any other talent besides nuding up all the time, and what’s with the tape over her nipples? I feel like youtubing some of her performances to see if she can sing, but I’m afraid that might be time I’ll never get back.

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