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by Alpha Harlot on June 14, 2018

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Jada Pinkett Smith is pretty amazing. She does this show called The Red Table on facebook where she chats about various topics with her mom and her daughter, Willow. This time around she’s talking about sex and it wasn’t even an awkward conversation!

I mean, I felt kind of awkward, but they didn’t seem to? Their family dynamic is honestly something for the ages.

In the video linked below, Jada claims to have known the exact day when her two boys, Jaden and Trey, lost their virginities. She has this refreshing view about female sexuality and how we are supposed to learn both the pleasure of it, as well as being warned about the dangers of things that could happen. It’s the good shit that is often left out of “The Talk” because it seems to be awkward.

I completely relate to the fact that she admits to her mother and daughter that at one point, she was addicted to the orgasms that sex toys were able to bring into her life. There are so many days in my 20s that were spent laying on my bed with Xtube open wide on my laptop while my Hitachi was hanging out in between my legs for hours on end. There is a bunch of video evidence of that habit of mine…but honestly? I feel like masturbating at that frequency burnt my pussy the fuck out.

That’s probably why I stopped shooting videos, I think.

There are only so many times that you can feel the same orgasmic feeling before it stops being…special, I guess?

My therapist seems to think that was the issue, in any case.

The ladies delve into plenty of issues with millennial relationships, including lack of social skills and the inability to be brave. Comparing modern relationships with those from back in the day is definitely eye opening…One of these days the human race will be able to figure out how to approach someone you are interested in and be on the same page.

I’m not able to embed the video on this post because fb’s wants you to click through and get all the views…but if you CLICK HERE you can watch the video over on that site.

What do you think about having an open dialog with your spawn about sex? I’m not a parent, but I have nieces and nephews who are probably going to come to me because I am (obviously) the cool aunt. I’m wondering how those conversations will go. Do you think it’s better to just have “the talk” with your kids once and then let them continue learning about sex from friends and the Internet?

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Source: E Online

Image: Screenshot from Red Table Talk

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