Jealous Boyfriend Tries To Burn Down Strip Club

by RICK RODAY on January 3, 2018

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It takes a special kind of person to succeed at stripping. They have to be more than just beautiful and glittery. To stand in front of a bunch of drunk, horny strip club patrons and put on an entertaining show requires a lot of confidence and raw sexuality. Though they (usually) never have sex with their customers they must coerce money and orgasms out of them by alluding to it with their bodies.

It’s kind of like how we assume celebrity chefs are great cooks without ever tasting anything they make.

Outside of work however they are regular people. Most strippers are just trying to pay their bills and maybe even support a family. Likewise, to be in a healthy adult relationship with one someone who does any kind of sex related work requires an equally confident person.

When someone else’s boner is your significant other’s bread and butter, you have to check your jealousy at the door. Should a stripper date someone who isn’t comfortable with their career choice the consequences could be dire.

For example, a man from Huntington, West Virginia was so jealous over his girlfriend’s job as an erotic dancer he tried burn down the strip club where she worked. Whoa!

According to witnesses 21-year-old Creio Chance Bishop set fire to the exterior of JB’s Gentleman’s Club because he was tired of his girlfriend working there. When they asked him about the situation he told one bystander to “leave the fire along and mind his own business” before running to the safest place he could think of, the nearest Walmart.

Seeing as the Walmart was only across the street, police quickly found Bishop and arrested him. As of the writing of this post he is currently being held on a $10,000 bail after being charged with second degree arson. If he was hoping his girlfriend would bail him out, he may be out of luck.

The owner of the JB’s Gentleman’s Club told reporters that Bishop’s girlfriend may have to be let go as he fears the man may return to as long as she’s working there. Hopefully this is just his way of encouraging her to leave her boyfriend and get a restraining order so she can safely continue her stripping career in peace.


Image: Nickey Huntsman in Strip Club Surprise by Brazzers

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