Jenna Haze Eats Out Taylor Momsen On Stage

by Bucky Beall on March 19, 2012

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I haven’t written about Taylor Momsen, actress/raccoon/sexedout teen/musician, since July 11 2011, which seems way, way, too long, especially since she’s 18 now!! But that’s not the amazing thing about that last Momsen post, I want to point out something pretty spooky and possibly indicative that I’m actually some kind of god because in that July post, titled It’s A Taylor Momsen Tit-Flashing-Fan-Stripping-Makeout-Party I wrote

Even though we’ve seen this all before she put on a particularity good show recently with 5 stripping fans and extra fake dykingout – the only way she’d ever top this performance is if pornstar Jenna Haze joined her on stage and pretended to eat Momsen out.

A few days back the world was witness to (now former) pornstar Jenna Haze getting on stage with Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless, and proceeding to mime performing oral sex on Taylor! Freaky stuff huh? The same show also included Jenna making out with Taylor, groping her, and choking her porno-style a little.

We have the pics here, and some hero on the web made an animated gif of the making out, and if you’re curious why the two know each other – Jenna Haze appears in Momsen’s new music video which is all about sex and drugs, so we’ve stuck that if for you too. Feel free to ask me what the future holds for you in our comments section.

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