Jenna Jameson’s Ass Makes Us Think

by Joy Topaz on April 9, 2010

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There is nothing like starting a Friday off with Jenna Jameson mooning us. Who cares if it’s an old picture? It’s still an old picture of Jenna Jameson’s naked ass. We know it shouldn’t be as exciting as it is considering with enough time in front of our computer we could see pretty much any part we want (and don’t want) to see of the pornstar.

Just knowing that there was a time when Jenna was the type of girl to walk head high through a crowd and proudly flash her pantiless ass and pussy, sends a little shiver of happiness through us. That’s how we know all is right in the world

We can’t stop there though, that would just be plain cruel. And we’re not in a teasing mood today. We almost forgot why Jenna ruled the porn industry until we found this clip and watched her cocksucking capabilities. This is one woman who will never need a deep throat spray. Let us pay homage to the queen of porn by seeing who can get off first.

Oops. I win.

UPDATE: We nearly missed it. Happy Birthday to Jenna! We’ll be right over to bring you your present.

Jenna Jameson sucking and fucking the captain brought to you by PornHub

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