Jennifer Lawrence Nekkid With A Snake For Vanity Fair

by Lola Byrd on February 11, 2015

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For someone who looks stupid hot when nude, Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t get undressed nearly often enough. Girl is gorgeous, yet somehow, she takes better nude selfies than the professionals. Oh, I mean, these pictures by Patrick Demarchelier for Vanity Fair are awesome – the snake is great and JLaw’s thighs in that white mini dress are giving me a major case of SHAZAM – but after seeing Jennifer’s private stash of nude selfies during the Fappening nothing quite compares.

I feel guilty enough as it is, considering all those leaked pics were a major invasion of privacy. It was wrong to look, I tell ya, WRONG, but I couldn’t help myself.

It’s like the post I wrote about the chick who threw acid on her ex’s peen after he leaked a video of them doing it on the Internet – cheering her on was wrong, but I couldn’t help it! Does that make me a sociopath? Possibly. I never said throwing acid on someone’s junk was the right thing to do, just that the thought was satisfying.

Right, I might not be making sense anymore. Too. Hungry. To think straight. That might be the reason so-and-so went nuts and threw acid on her ex’s lap rendering his peen useless. I bet that would make a good defense in court. As for JLaw, I’m hoping hunger will lead her to make more rash decisions like posing nude with snakes. Perhaps, with exposed boobs next time. Either way, I’ll take it.

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Image: Jennifer Lawrence in Vanity Fair by Patrick Demarchelier

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  • Was this photoshoot old? Because I seem to remember seeing the pic with the bird and the one with the Vanity Fair logo a while back.

    • Yup, we saw those pics a while ago… right around the time of the fappening, but for some reason the other ones weren’t available until now.

      • OMG I’M NOT CRAZY! It’s gonna be hard to top those fappening pics. ALLEGEDLY. I mean I wouldn’t know.

  • BDY

    What’s #Fappening….

    • Dude, you never comment anymore. Sob.

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