Jennifer Lawrence Nip Slip In Mother + Bonus GIF!

by Lola Byrd on October 11, 2017

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I feel like Jennifer Lawrence is starting to thread that line of overexposure. She’s in every damn movie. All. Of. Them. Why do Hollywood types insist on casting the same handful of actors and actresses over and over again? At one point, you can’t lose yourself in the movie because you no longer see a character, all you see is an actor, you know, a real person that’s just pretending. Ugh. It’s so frustrating.

That said, I am appreciating the overexposure of JLaw’s nip. I haven’t seen Mother, yet, and I want to, so I’m serious when I say no spoilers because I already feel like this GIF might have ruined it for me.

I’m serious, if any of you spoil it for me in the comments, I will track you down and flay you alive, slowly. I will go all season 6 Willow on your asses.


As a bonus we’ve got this sexy GIF from the Red Sparrow trailer. Jennifer is wearing what I’m pretty sure is the sexiest bathing suit I’ve ever seen. Goddammit, I know I said I’m kind of sick of seeing JLaw everywhere I turn, but I’ve got to admit I kind of want to see this movie because it’s about sexy Russian spies who use their womanly wiles to get what they want. I mean. Clearly, we’ve got a winner here.

Bonus GIF:

I could watch that GIF all day. In fact, I have been staring at it all day.

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