Jennifer Lopez See-Thru Top/Pubey Crotch Outtakes

Jennifer Lopez was both one of the biggest movie and pop stars of the late 90s/early 2000s despite not being able to sing (autopitch software has made her singing career possible), write music (it’s all written for her) or act (see the movie Gigli), but then, as of now, she isn’t hard on the eyes and she has fine-ass can exciting to all ass lovers.

Her prominence dipped in the middle of the last decade (for the reason why, see the movie Gigli) but she’s been seeing a bit of a resurgence lately, and she didn’t  even have to release her long awaited, long rumored-but-actually-real sex tape to do it.

Time has been kind to J-Lo and at 43 she’s still hot enough to make up for her lack for her lack of talent. To get an eyeful of the current version of Jenny from the block here’s some outtakes from a sport’s themed fashion shoot she did which shows off her tits in a see-thru shirt.

Also if you stare at her crotch you’ll see some pube-stubble, that’s the thing with leaked outtakes…the photoshop wiz hasn’t cleaning them up so you get a great “bonus” like that.

After the pics stick around for one of her early sex scenes from one of her movies:

Jennifer Lopez – Money Train brought to you by PornHub