Jennifer Lopez Tinder Takeover?!

by Alpha Harlot on July 28, 2018

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Dating is always rough. Before the rise of the Internet, there were too few choices and not enough substance. Now, there are so many people on the Internet that sifting through them to find people that you click with is tiring.

I think that some of us also get disheartened when we continuously have first dates that are flops For me, dating was a hobby. I’d scour the Internet on the daily having conversations with new people. By the time that they weekend arrived, I’d have everything set up and ready to go. Sometimes I’d double stack my Saturdays with brunch dates with people I wanted to get to know more and night dates, with people who I was probably going to end up fucking.

There was a science to it, I swear.

I’ve never had a Tinder profile because I got out of the game before it was a big thing. My conception before watching this Jennifer Lopez Tinder Takeover, was that Tinder was full of Creepy Mc Creepersons who were looking to bang and leave.

This is apparently not the case.

J Lo sits for a conversation with a woman named Brooke who is looking for a manly man who can fix her car and chop wood.

She has no wood to chop

While Brook is off asking unimportant messages like, “Can you chop wood?” Jennifer is schooling her and asking her what she NEEDS. If you don’t have a fireplace, you don’t need a partner that can chop wood. Also, basically everyone can chop wood. Axes are sharp.

J Lo believes that Brooke should before 33, men are useless when it comes to dating for the long term.

Older men were always the ones that got what I was looking for. I didn’t want a commitment, I wanted to have a good time, but I also wanted the consistency of seeing someone more than once. There’s this thing that happens inside the heads of younger men where they don’t understand that there is plenty of gray area to move around in between the statuses of “one night stand,” and “You’re my boyfriend, come meet my parents.”

Younger guys don’t always see that.

Here’s the video of J Lo and Brooke going through the motions and trying to find love in the Tinder wilderness:

What do you Peepz think about J Lo’s dating advice and Tinder in general?
Are you having any luck on any other dating apps out there? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on twitter.

Image: Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram

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