Jerk Before Work: Have You Meet Naomi Woods?

by Lola Byrd on November 22, 2016

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Naomi Woods just announced on Twitter that she’s selling used panties again! I feel like you should all rush on over and buy a pair. You could put them over your head with the crotch gusset right over your nose while jerking it to one of her videos. I mean, next to actually sleeping with her that’s the closest thing to heaven right there.

Sometimes I wonder about panty sniffers. I like the way pussy smells and I’ve taken a sniff of my own underwear on more than one occasion, but more often than not they tend to smell kind of raunchy at the end of the day what with the sweat and the pee. Haha, okay, before you get me wrong… I don’t pee myself… all the time, just on occassion. Serioulsy, though, throughout the course of a day there are a few drops that pass the gatekeeper. I’m assuming.

My question is, do panty sniffers want the barely-worn-smells-only-of-pussy-juices panties or do they want the I-went-to-the-gym-and-thank-god-these-are-black-underwear-or-you’d-see-all-sorts-of-stains panties? There’s probably a market for both.

I should take a page from Naomi’s playbook and sell some used panties to fund my new camera. I don’t know if you Peepz have noticed, but I haven’t posted boobie pictures in a while. That’s because I don’t have a camera at the moment.

I’ve been doing research and I’ve decided to buy the Fujifilm X-T10. I’ve got about 3/4 of the money saved up (and by saved up I mean that’s how much I have available on my credit card) and I’m trying to gather the rest quickly, so I can buy the damn thing ASAP. I’m missing about 450$ dollars. Okay, I forgot about taxes. Make that 550$. If you feel like pitching in, send me some mullah on Paypal via

Keep in mind that a new camera equals more nudie pics!

Naomi Woods approves this message.

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Check out this vid of Naomi Woods courtesy of Pornhub:

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  • JESUS HAROLD FUCKING CHRIST ON A STICK HOW MUCH IS THAT CAMERA?! If you had 3/4ths and need $450 then math math math is it like a $1500 camera? You better be able to take pictures of boobs on the moon with that thing.

    • Haha, yeah it’s a pretty expensive camera. I think I’m gonna cave and just buy a cheaper one. Sigh.

  • dash56

    1. I didn’t know you took nudies. Awesome
    2. Fuck that’s an expensive ass camera. Between this and your search for the perfect vibrator, you could be balling on a budget for a while.
    3. If/when you get the camera some other cool pics like sunsets or cats or whatever people use cameras for when not taking boobie pics.

    • Definitely lots of sunset and cat pics! I DO EVERYTHING ON A BUDGET. Sigh. I wish I was independently rich.

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