Jessica Alba’s Tiny Ass Flash (We’ll Take It)

by Joy Topaz on August 27, 2010

Post image for Jessica Alba’s Tiny Ass Flash (We’ll Take It)

Jessica Alba likes to tease. She never gives us that full on nipple slip, or in your face pussy shot, instead she likes to give us just enough that we start to pray to our Atheist god that a sudden gust of wind or wardrobe malfunction takes place. But as of today we are still holding out hope.  Shots like this of Jessica giving us just a flash, as taste of her ass cheeks, keeps our spirits light.

Jessica is promoting her upcoming movie Machete, which is due out next week. Jessica plays a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent tracking down Danny Trejo’s character. All we really care about is that there are a whole lot of movie shots of Jessica in a white tank top. You know what happens to white tank tops on girls in action movies? They always get wet.

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