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by MB on September 19, 2012

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Greetings friends and welcome to another show here on Peeperz Radio, the show that is redefining how the adult industry is covered. Our guest today is a fitness instructor, a Penthouse Pet, as well as an adult starlet whose rock hard body is the envy of most and desired by nearly all. We are very pleased to have Jewels Jade as our guest! Don’t forget to check out our other recent interviews with Family Business star and Seymore Butts’ main squeeze the lovely Mari Possa as well as out visit with Glamour goddess Soveriegn Syre. All our interviews are available to download for free so load them onto your desktop and portable devices!

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Jewels Jade was born in San Diego, California. After a few stints of wanderlust Jewels returned to San Diego to stay several years ago. After a failed marriage to what she calls a full blown sex addict and chronic masturbator, Jewels felt totally dejected, rejected and was looking for a way to gain some confidence and self esteem. She started exotic dancing and then after some consultation from a friend in the adult film industry she decided to go for it and shot her first scene in 2001 for Puritan Video starring in Escape to Sex Island. She found the whole experience to be liberating, enjoyable and oh ya…it certainly helped in the self esteem/confidence department. She has gone on to star in over 100 films from virtually every major studio in the business.

Jewels and MB discuss, adult industry “persona’s” and how some stars find themselves becoming the characters they create for themselves. She tells MB about the unification of fitness and porn, her training regiment, being a personal trainer and what makes her happy. Jewels also elaborates on what she freely calls a dual life, that of a family-woman and mother and that the other side which cranks out nasty, drool-worthy sex scenes. How many men out there have been looking for that combo? Jewels may be the most fit woman in porn and her body is simply a stunning work of art, something the Greeks might have sculpted. Oh and we should also mention she has a great sense of humor and is smart to boot! Not too shabby. So tune in, get turned on and check out Jewels Jade, she is fit as fuck!

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