Jordan’s Sex Diary #2: I Fucked My Nerdy Neighbor!

by Jordan on January 12, 2012

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On Friday night my girls came over to my place. We had every intention in the world to get our hot asses down to the club, but things got too messy too early and I ended up kicking them all out before midnight. Drunk and horny I scrolled through my phone and sent a few filthy text messages to guys who I know are a guaranteed orgasm. But then, out of nowhere my next door neighbor is knocking on my door. This is a guy who I’ve said maybe three words to since I moved in last month. He’s super shy and nerdy but he’s got these big, manly shoulders. Anyway, I don’t remember what he wanted. I was hammered. I just pulled him in and we started making out.

His cock was a bit bigger than I expected, it was curved upwards, which made oral a bit awkward. I wanted to impress him with my blowjay skills and take him all the way down my throat, but it wasn’t happening and I gagged, a lot, that combined with the booze made me think for a sec I might chuck up all over him. But when he started pounding me it felt fucking amazing. Doggystyle, with that curve helping his dick hit my g spot with every thrust. I came twice, hard. He pulled out and came on my ass and then gave it a good spank. Which was cool I guess.

Afterward it was weird. He tried going down on me. I think he thought I didn’t cum. I was like, dude, good job, time to go home. After he left I fell asleep. It’s nice to know I’m living above a stud.

  • Robert Santizo

    I wish I had a neighbor like you.

    • Saro Avakian

      I wish Jordan WAS my neighbour!

  • Billy R

    Not bad for a wicked milf…

  • Lola Byrd

    Haha, rad. Man, I wish I had a hot neighbor.

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