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by MB on May 23, 2012

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Hello and thanks for joining us for another show here on Peeperz Radio! Our guest today is the red-haired, box-diving maven known as Justine Joli! Also be sure to check out our recent interviews with big bust all-star Elizabeth Starr and her magic mountains as well as the sleek and irresistible Tara Lynn Foxx. Don’t forget all our interviews are available to download for free so load them onto your tablets, handheld devices and your desktops!

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Justine Joli was born just outside of St. Louis, Missouri and spent her youth growing up living a rural farm life between Butte,  Colorado and Missouri. This means Justine can milk a cow, pluck a chicken or shuck corn. All of which sounds strangely sexual somehow, she recalls her grandmothers strange obsessions growing up. Listen to the interview to discover what unusual fetish she endured.

Justine’s entry into the world of adult work came after she relocated to Los Angeles. She was working at a mall store in Glendale, Ca when director Kris Kramski noticed her. Kris was very interested in a three-way between Justine and another girl. Turns out Justine was much more interested in the girl than Kris and this encounter did not occur. However Kris passed along audition photos of Justine to a talent scout. This lead to a photo shoot for Suze Randall with the yet unknown BellaDonna. These photos made quite an impression and offers to do more shoots came spilling in. This also resulted in Justine being named Penthouse’s Pet of the Month in September 2007.

Justine’s first video shoot was for the legendary Andrew Blake. She has since gone on to star in close to 2oo films all of which she has appeared exclusively with women – a rarity in the adult industry. The typical path involves graduating to boy-girl work at some point, but as you can tell from the interview, Justine has never been much of a follower nor is she conventional. Despite having only appeared with women onscreen Justine has risen to the top of the adult ladder, a feat rarely accomplished for those performers who choose to work solely with women. This might be due to the fact that Justine has savage skills in the sack resulting in smoldering, palpable lesbian sex.

Her ability to deliver passionate scenes has led to numerous adult industry award nominations. She calls herself the Susan Lucci of porn however because she has yet to win. This aside she defines success in her own mind and in the hearts of her fans. Justine confides to MB her sexual fantasies she wants to still play out (Hot as Hell) and she talks about 3-ways with her husband and his female groupies. You might want to get a towel. So tune in, get turned on and check out Justine Joli the girl baiting ginger.

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