Kate Upton Boobie Outtake Shots

by Bucky Beall on October 12, 2012

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The fine gentleman who does the Twitter account for Tube8 is probably the earth’s biggest Kate Upton fan so I’m happy to present this post of dirty Kate pics for him to use as his computer wall paper and breaktime bathroom stall wank material. Mind you everybody lately is the earth’s biggest Kate Upton fanatic as the model and actress is blowing up the world – she’s on every boy’s wall, cover of every magazine, each wetdream of Bucky Beall, and the star of the personal porn movies playing in the heads of most hot blooded men.

We got some mileage out of a shoot Katie did for G.Q. with the the undisputed king of the pervs and taker of titty pics Terry Richardson – Upton’s never done any topless modelling but these pics more or less give up the goods thanks to a tight white wet t shirt. Apparently this photoshoot is the gift that keeps on giving as some outtakes are now out showing off more breast meat.

Take in the pics in this gallery, click the thumbnails to enlarge, and talk to us in the comments if you’re on board the Kate Upton train or if you think she’s overrated:

Via Phun.org

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