Kate Upton In Lingerie For The Men Magazine

by Lola Byrd on June 2, 2014

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I’ve never noticed before, because I’m usually too busy looking at her boobs, but Kate Upton has a nice ass. Yup. This picture is my favorite:


Those round cheeks peeking out from that garter belt really do it for me. It makes me want to get my hands in there and grab a couple handfuls of flesh. I wouldn’t mind hearing those straps snap against her skin. A nice little red welt would be great. If she’s into that… otherwise it’s no fun.

These lingerie shots of Kate Upton for The Men Magazine aren’t exactly revolutionary. Oh, there’s a hot blonde in lace and blowing bubbles. Sexy has clearly been turned on its head. Whatever. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to keep on rolling… the good ol’ standard does a pretty good job already.

Besides, I’m liking the soft lighting and the white lace. I don’t need much more to get me going on a Monday morning. It reminds me, somewhat, of the Gigi Hadid photoshoot for VMan. *Wait a minute, brb, setting up a Google alert for Gigi Hadid* They’re not that similar, except both photoshoots feature curvy blondes who can look out of window like it’s nobodies business. That dreamy far away look and the promise of crisp white sheets. Yup. All in a days work. Also, the boobs don’t hurt.

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  • Robonino123

    Kate Upton is over rated

    • I know, you’ve mentioned it before. I can’t please all the people all the time…

      • Robonino123

        MONDAY GRUMPS! grumble grumble

  • Toxik

    not that much into blondes…but I sure won’t kick her out of bed!

  • Zach Becvar

    It is totally unfair to the rest of the female population that falls into the perfect fantasy woman category that Kate Upton should have an ass like that to go along with her curves and her eyes. I especially like the side view shot of her in the grey lingerie. It perfectly highlights here ass and her chest.

    If photos of Kate dressed up as Jessica Rabit ever come into being I’m fairly certain I will die upon seeing them.

    • Christina Hendricks should dress up as Jessica Rabbit. Drool.

      • Robonino123

        yes please

  • urrrrr

    and still has no ass

  • Newman

    Dat round ass omg brb *runs to the bathroom*

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