Kate Upton In Space – That Means Zero Gravity, Yo!

by Lola Byrd on February 18, 2014

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The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is out, which means we’ve got boobs, boobs and butts as far as the eye can see. Last year (and the year before), porny fav Kate Upton graced the cover of SI during a nippy trip North and since they couldn’t very well put her on the cover again they went with the magical trio: Chrissy Teigen, Lily Aldridge, and Nina Agdal. That’s right, SI needed three ladies to match the power that is Kate Upton.

Fear not, we still get tons of tits and ass and although Upton didn’t make the front cover she made the flipside cover. A very special flipside cover, because it was shot in zero gravity. I overshot a bit when I said Upton introduced space to her corn-fed charms, because she didn’t exactly conquer the last frontier. I wasn’t kidding about the zero gravity, however, because due to a very special Zero Gravity Plane the power of Kate Upton’s boobs were unleashed in all of their floating glory.

It’s all very impressive. You can see how those chest puppies just want to be let free. “Let us roam free and wild, Kate” I hear them say. “We’re tired of spilling out of bikini tops. We just want to hang loose…” It’s sad really. To hear their moans of despair is quite heart wrenching. I think I might need to start a Free Kate Upton’s Boobs petition of something. It’s a good cause, some one has to see to it.

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Via dailymail.co.uk by @misslolabyrd

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