Katie Summers’ Pornstar Guide To Anal

Hello everyone, it’s your friendly neighbor Katie Summers here and this is my first time writing for the awesome Peeperz and let me start by saying I’m honored to be doing this blog and I think you all will love this. As you all know, I fucking love ASS!

Ass worship, anal play, toys, fingers, and of course my absolute favorite, anal sex. I didn’t get into anal sex till I started doing it in my films and now I always want it, and in every scene I do, I love my ass being played with and fucked.

So, with this being said, I’m going to give everyone some pointers on first timers who want to try it and give some tips on how to enjoy it more.

Any kind of anal activity can be fun when it’s done the right way, no one wants a mess or to be sore during the process, so the first thing is to relax that muscle and start with just a finger. I suggest while you are fucking, since your body is already relaxed, lick your finger and slowly slide it in, do it to yourself first so you can get used to it then have your partner do it after. Working that muscle helps open it up and gets it prepared for more fun things, like a toy and/or your partners nice hard cock.

I prefer using my own spit because its not sticky, it’s completely natural, and it’s less of a mess, but lubing it up is a good thing to do before putting something your tight asshole, especially if it’s your first time. I love it when the person fucking my ass slowly puts it in and I can feel every inch of his cock going in deeper and deeper till its balls deep in my ass and he starts pounding me hard.

As the movement gets going, rubbing your clit, or if you are a guy rubbing your cock, helps the stimulation and gets your mind off any kind of pain you might feel at first. Of course there will be some pain because something is stretching out that ass and you need to rub yourself to get your mind off it and soon enough you are cumming HARD!

Anal sex doggy is my favorite way to get fuck cause the cock goes straight in, my partner can pull me back against them, rub my clit, pull my hair, choke me, spank me, and fuck me good all at once and I can’t help but cum over and over again. If it’s your first time having anal sex, doggy and missionary are the best starting positions because the hole is easy for the guy or girl to find and you can help guide him in and get comfortable on the cock.

Remember, anal sex can be fun when it’s done the right way and its a great orgasm when you get going on it. It never hurts to try something new with your partner and you never know, y’all might end up doing it every night!



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