Ke$ha Slips A Boob Out On The Beach

by Bucky Beall on October 4, 2011

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I was sent these pictures of some filthy vagrant crawling into the water of a public beach to wash her breasts of the cum of hobos who jacked off on her while she lay out on a bench to sleep off her night of whippets and gas huffing. I was going to delete them when I realized this disgusting creature and her exposed tit was a famous disgusting creature with a famous tit, in fact it was pop starlet Ke$ha.

If you have a dick you better hold on to it…not to get to jacking but to make sure it doesn’t retract into your body in fright. If you’re a chick you’ll want to view these pics, because Ke$ha is built like a brick shit house, like a fucking tank, like a cage full of gorillas, so by looking at these swimming pictures you’ll feel better about any body issues you might have (and I know you have some, most women do because of the fucked up world we live in, but we think you’re beautiful…unless you’re reading this Ke$ha Sebert)

Click on any of the thumbnails below  for the larger versions of  Ke$ha’s boob slip:


  • Anonymous

    you see the expression on the manatee’s face

  • gattya

    don’t stop the wiked slip off!!

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