Kesha In Cum

by Joy Topaz on July 8, 2010

Post image for Kesha In Cum

Sometimes there are things we don’t like reporting on but we do in order to maintain our incredibly high journalistic standards. Who are we to pick and choose what should and shouldn’t be important to others? Hence, we are posting a picture that has been making the internet rounds. The picture is of a possibly cum stained Kesha.

We have no idea if it is Kesha or if it’s really splooge on her chest or what the word for ‘why-am-I-looking-at-this’ is, so we leave it up to you. We grabbed another picture of her to compare but we’re still not sure. Whoever leaked this picture must have more, don’t be shy fine sir. Your baby gravy is already famous!

This picture is like an article straight from Emily Post’s etiquette guide. A true lady always covers her areolas after being jizzed on and before a picture is taken.

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