Kevin Bacon Gets Caught In Bed

by Alpha Harlot on May 10, 2018

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Have you ever been caught having sex? I feel like we all have at one point or another. In pornos it turns into a group sex scenario (or cuckholding, if that happens to be the genre they’re shooting in). In real life it can turn into a super awkward situation.

One of my kinks used to be getting caught masturbating. I’d sit outside my house on the back steps where people never really went. My trusty suction cup dildo would be firmly planted onto the ground. With a long skirt on, I”d straddle the toy and sit on it, slowly rocking back and forth for the most part, but when I needed to cum I’d lift my ass in the air and really go for a ride.

Some of my neighbors would pull up with their cars to park in the lot, so I’d slow my rocking down and pretend to be fucking around on my phone (I’d really be watching porno, but whatever). I loved it when that happened. The unsuspecting people had no idea I had a 9 inch dick shoved into my pussy up to the hilt and I tried to keep my face as calm as possible until they went inside.

Hot right?

While that was sexy, there are plenty of ways you can get caught while you’re having sex. It takes one hell of an imagination to come up with a way that I haven’t thought of. He did it though.

Kevin Bacon decided to make a Funny or Die video about getting caught having sex and I swear that I’ve shown it to like 50 people so far. I had to spread the love with you Peepz because I know you’ll appreciate it as much as I do.

A couple is banging in a bed with white sheets, hoping that they don’t get caught by anyone in the house.

But then they do.

Their love making is interrupted by a duck.

Like, quack.

A duck, with white feathers and an orange bill…and he looks as shocked as any duck would look when they come face to face with two people fucking.

The clip stars Kevin Bacon, Justin Long, Lauren Cohen and Kyra Sedgewick. Having familiar celebrities talking like, “ACTORS!” with a serious edge to their tone only makes me laugh harder. While the “film” itself is great, it’s shot like behind the scenes, extra footage that will make you crack a smirk even if you’re having a shitty day.

Maybe it’s because I’m a fucking perv, but I can’t stop laughing at this.

Here’s the clip for your enjoyment.

Hilarious, right?

So Peepz, I want to know about how YOU got caught in the act. Leave me a comment below or hit me up on twitter if you want to go private with me.

Source: Nerdist

Image: Screenshot from A Duck Walks In On a Couple Having Sex by Kevin Bacon

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