Khloe Kardashian Ass-tastic In Complex Magazine

by Lola Byrd on August 2, 2015

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What with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s separation, Khloe has fallen to the bottom of the totem poll in terms of who is getting the least amount of media exposure in the Kardashian/Jenner family. That’s okay, though, because bitch knows how to get back on top.

News recently broke that the youngest of the original trio of Kardashian sisters (yeah, I know, I thought she was the oldest too) has signed a deal to host her very own talk show. “Kocktails With Khloe” will be airing on the FYI network and is sure to be a success, because everyone is obsessed with that family even the people who hate them.

And what better way to get news of a new talk show out and about than posing in skimpy workout gear for Complex Magazine. It’s pretty genius actually. People gotta remember that Kim isn’t the only Kardashian with a nice ass. Girl has some junk in the trunk and she deserves praise as well.

I wonder if the ass gene comes from Robert Kardashian, Kris Jenner, or OJ Simpson? Yes, that’s right. I went there. You might not know this, but Robert Kardashian was a friend of OJ Simpson and one of his lawyers. Apparently he was really close to the family and it’s rumored that Khloe’s real father is OJ Simpson and not Robert Kardashian.

This has nothing to do with anything, it’s probably an outright lie, but I had to fill my word count quota with something. Enjoy!

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  • Didn’t Kris Jenner have her own talk show that was a disaster?

    I’ve seen rumors online, and we know everything on the internet is true, that most of the Kardashians make their money from being escorts to wealthy Arab business men in Dubai and Saudi Arabia and the like. I’ve even seen rumors that North West isn’t Kanye’s and some wealthy business type is the real father.

    • I don’t recall the Kris Jenner talk show disaster, but that doesn’t surprise me.

      But, but, but North West looks just like Kanye!

      • North West has probably had plastic surgery already

        • That made me laugh, then it made me sad.

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