Kink Fest: Public Topless Whipping

by Alpha Harlot on December 7, 2017

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There are a whole lot of people from my past that don’t understand why I got married. They’ll always see me as the slutty pervert that spent her weeknights trolling Craig’s List so that her weekend were filled with sex. Then I tell them stories like this one and they get a bit of insight into the woman that I “settled for.” (and by settled for I mean, “stole my heart and changed my life for the better forever”)

When we looked at the schedule of events for Saturday of Geek Kink Fest, we decided right away that we wanted to head into the dungeon early so that we could check out the single-tail whip demonstration. My wife has been on the hunt for “her thing” to immerse herself in within kink culture. My thing is electricity, specifically Violet Wands, though I’ll dabble in floggers and paddles because they’re more readilly available.

Of all the sensations that I’ve experienced in the world of BDSM, the one that I could never ever get used to was single-tail whips.

Paddles and floggers kind of thud on your body. There’s a sting of pain that comes, but it’s less in a specific spot and more spread out on your skin. Single tales are a very direct sting in a precise spot. They’re very tricky. It takes some serious skill play well with the toy. One inch to the left or right and you could seriously injure someone. I think that’s why I never picked one up to learn how to use. They’re intimidating because of the amount of damage that they can cause in the wrong hands.

My wife watched the man giving the demo with wide eyes and when he asked for volunteers, she leaned back and asked me if she should do it.

“Yes,” is the answer to that question 99.9% of the time when she asks me.

I told her that she should, but someone else raised their hand while we were discussing it, so he got to go first. He took off his shirt and approached the St. Andrew’s Cross with his back exposed.

Five or six whip cracks in and he tapped out.

The guy running the demo asked for another volunteer and my wife raised her hand immediately. Without even hesitating, she took off her shirt and her bra, exposing her boobs to the room for the first time ever.

The whipping she took was impressive.

Hit after hit, she stood rock solid, like a statue. Minutes passed and she took everything the guy threw at her. She was smiling and laughing and really enjoying herself.

Afterwards, she said it made her feel free…not just exposing her body, but exposing the vulnerability of her skin and the humility of her person.

I was honestly so proud of her in that moment. I’ve never had a partner who was more willing to share in my perversion with me. That’s why we make such hot porno together.

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