Kristen Stewart To Go Topless In Her New Flick

by mr skin on June 1, 2011

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Kristen Stewart must have been taking the whole vampires-as-a-metaphor-for-abstinence thing pretty seriously, because the Twilight star got sexy with a lesbian kiss in The Runaways and as a stripper-that-doesn’t-strip in Welcome to the Rileys, but never took the big boobie plunge- until now.

Kristen reportedly broke her nudity cherry filming a honeymoon scene with her vampire hubby Robert Pattinson for Twilight: Breaking Dawn last year, and now that the honeymoon’s over she’s rumored to get nude for the upcoming On the Road. In On the Road Kristen plays the free-spirited Marylou, partner in crime with beatniks Sal and Dean on their road trip across America.

Now a still has leaked from the set that purports to see Kristen nude in a car with two male costars. It’s what we at Mr. Skin call a Magic Eye nude, so if you just take a deep breath, unfocus your eyes, and stare deep into the back seat, Kristen’s headlights will come floating into view:

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