Kylie Jenner In Sasha Samsonova Video For The Family Fortune

by Lola Byrd on January 9, 2017

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Sasha Samsonova makes sexy videos. Kylie Jenner spends her life trying to be sexy. It only makes sense that the two would team up for a sexy video. It’s basically the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape without the actual sex… or much of anything really, but you know that Kylie is Kim 2.0.

It’s all about keeping the family fortune going up, up, and up.

Kim is still raking it in, but she’s older now. Happily married with kids, so she can’t keep up with the antics as much as she would like. It’s all up to the next generation of cash co Kardashians/Jenners to keep it fresh and trendy. Kendall is a super model and tries to keep it classy, but Kylie is a little more ratchet (?).

I don’t know, I was going to use the word ghetto, but then I thought that was a little offensive. “Urban” wasn’t much better, so I settled on ratchet, but I don’t think that was much of an improvement on the offensive track.

When Kylie first started with her whole mega-vixen makeover I was totally on board, but these days I find myself wondering how much of her is fake (eyelashes, hair extensions, silicon injections, nails, etc) to bother enjoying the sexiness.

That said, that body though. Holy shit, how did Kylie Jenner even manage that?! Those proportions are insane!

Check out the video:

KYLIE from sasha samsonova on Vimeo.

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