Kylie Jenner Was A “Dirty” Christina Aguilera For Halloween

Kylie Jenner was a “Dirty” Christina Aguilera For Halloween and it was glorious. Kylie is a better Christina than Christina! I always thought that X-Tina’s look in “Dirty” was trashy. Not because of the sexy, I actually mean her look… like the shitty black streaks in her hair, the crappy extensions, the gross makeup. I’m not slut shaming, I’m being classcist as fuck. It’s okay, I’m not perfect. I assume my faults and I can be a bit of a snob, which is funny considering I’m generally a slob.

I use the clothes I’m wearing as napkins. True story.

Who better to dress up as a “Dirty” X-Tina than Kylie? Kylie makes trashy look like the new classic.

Yup, that works for me… as a costume. It’s an iconic sexy costume and beats the hell out of some costumes I’ve seen, like Hillary Duff dressing up as a sexy pilgrim while her boyfriend dressed up as random Native chief, you know, because that’s not racist or innappropriate at all, especially when you consider what’s happening at Standing Rock right now.

Ah, another Halloween, another opportunity for clueless white celebs to dress up in racist costumes. That’s one yearly tradition I wouldn’t mind putting to rest.

Now forgive me while I look into the distance while sitting at my desk and imagine Kylie Jenner dressed up as Christina Aguilera from “Dirty” and Christina Aguilera dressed up as Christina Aguilera from “Dirty” getting it on. My favorite kind of sentence is a convoluted sentence.

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