Lara Stone Upset She Lost Her Panties

by Joy Topaz on October 7, 2010

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We’ve seen model, Lara Stone, in many stages of undress. So seeing Lara’s pantiless upskirt should not be quite as titillating as we find it to be. But we are degenerates and any flash of pussy whether we’ve seen it splayed, gaping, stretched or peeking titillates us.

We are worried about Lara’s state of well being. If we compare Lara Stone in this picture to Lara naked in Industrie magazine and Lara getting gangbanged in a Calvin Klein ad, we notice a common theme. A sense of sadness, a bereft beauty who seems to be living outside of herself.

We decided to do some sleuthing to find if Lara is ever happy. We only came across the picture below where she looks nearly jolly. The only possible conclusion to come to is that Lara is only happy after sucking on a red lollipop. We can work with that.

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