Last Week On Insta: Charlotte Mckee, Paulina Gretzky & +++

I was driving home last night and some jagoff on the highway was tailgating me hardcore. He was driving a semi truck and he was so close to me that his lights were completely blinding me. I knew the fucker wanted me to sped up, but I was following the limit and it was raining so I wasn’t in the mood to fuck around.

Instead of pulling over and letting this asshole pull ahead I decided that the logical and prudent thing to do was slow the fuck down. Oh boy, this dude was pissed. We played this game where every time he started tailgating me I would slow down. I was enjoying it, but apparently the game wasn’t high stakes enough for him, because he decided to get as close to my car as humanly possible and then turn his high beams on.

Neither of us ended up in the ditch, which is the best thing I can say about the whole ordeal. I hope he gets pegged hard.

going back 2 LA march 11-21 … who wants to shoot ?! ? photo by @mikelrob ?

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Charlotte Mckee needs a caption.

“I need a caption.” – The entire female population.

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Paulina Gretzky needs a caption.


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Ali Michael needs a caption.

intimate. the pillow talk series with @nicolethorne

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Nicole Thorne needs a caption.

Aspen Maye needs a caption.

after dark at grammercy park

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Myla Dalbesio needs a caption.

Another from yesterday with @meli.kai

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Meli Kai needs a caption.

Julia Lescova needs a caption.

Veronica Rodriguez needs a caption.


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Ariana Marie needs a caption.

@julesjordanx he’s da best ❤️

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Lana Rhoades needs a caption.


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Amarna Miller needs a caption.

You taste like a dream I never want to wake up from ? @matchsticktj

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Phoenix Skye needs a caption.

McKenna Berkley needs a caption.

Melissa Lori needs a caption.

Mia Malkova doesn’t need a caption.

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  • Zach Becvar

    That pic of Amarna Miller is why I love redheads. That come hither look from Mia is just… oh the dirty things I would like to do with her.

    • Same here, I can’t get enough of Amarna Miller and her red locks!