Last Week On Insta: Karley Sciortino, Noah Bensi, & Chanel Preston

by Lola Byrd on January 11, 2017

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I joined a gym, not because I’m trying to loose weight after the Holidays (I hate that), but rather, because it’s cold as all hell and they have a steam room, a hot tub, and a heated pool. I figured it would be cheaper to pay the gym membership than to pay my hot water bill.

I mention this, because like the horndog that I am I masturbated in the hot tub. Sure it’s a public place, but there was no one else there and I was discret about it. Okay, you got me, the dude at the front desk has a couple TVs where he can keep an eye on what’s happening in the hot tub/pool area, but it’s not like that’s the only thing he has to do, so what are the chances he was watching at the precise moment I was having an orgasm?

I need better self-control.

Outtakes from Foot Fetish Monthly by @peterkaaden ?

A photo posted by Karley Sciortino (@karleyslutever) on

Karley Sciortino needs less self-control.

I got told I look like a sexy senior citizen today ?? SOO #hollaatyourgranny ?? #lookbackatit

A photo posted by Baby Bunny (@noahbensi) on

Noah Bensi is the sexiest senior citizen.


Do it

A photo posted by Chanel Preston (@chanelpreston) on

If you insist, Chanel Preston.


Ana Foxxx is a stone cold fox, as usual.


Raylin Joy is the cutest.


I couldn’t pick just one…

Iskra Lawrence has the best hips.

Throw back from my David LaChapelle shoot #wineo

A photo posted by Frances Bean Cobain (@space_witch666) on

Frances Bean Cobain is my soul BFF.

Eva Lovia knows how to make time pass faster.

Charlotte Mckee can make me a cup of tea anytime she damn well pleases.


A photo posted by ? ? ?? Rosie Roff (@rosieroff) on

Rosie Roff is dayum.

? @adammont

A photo posted by Allie Silva?? (@alliesilva1) on

Allie Silva is making me crazy for big curly hair.


A photo posted by Ariana Marie? (@arianamarie15_) on

Ariana Marie looks good in all black.


A photo posted by Amarna Miller (@amarnamiller) on

Amarna Miller is gorgeous. I feel like I’ve been posting to much Amarna Miller lately, but I couldn’t help myself after seeing this picture.

I worship the ocean because it brings me peace of mind. Missing this rn!! ?

A photo posted by Elizabeth Ostrander (@elizabethostrander) on

Holy fucking shit Elizabeth Ostrander, holy fucking shit.

In a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in every version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you

A photo posted by Phoenix Skye (@itsphoenixskye) on

Phoenix Skye is yup. Same.

When it’s snowing outside and warm inside #letsgetnaked ??

A photo posted by Ashley Smith (@therealashsmith) on

Ashley Smith has been killing it on Instagram lately.

Baby? @sahararayswim

A video posted by Sahara Ray (@sahara_ray) on

I kept hoping Sahara Ray was going to dump that water all over myself, but I wasn’t so lucky.

Me so hung ? @dandealy

A photo posted by 卡夏 Cacia? NY- LA (@caciazoo) on

Cacia posts the best tummy pictures.

Kamnara Klein is a redhead you should be following.

The Ecstasy, 2002. @vmagazine @2bmanagement #fromthearchive #polaroid #pleasereturnpolaroid

A photo posted by @milesaldridge on

I don’t know who this is, but it turns me on for some reason.

Follow this beautiful babe @onaartist ? #ModelMonday #FollowHer

A photo posted by Jenna Sativa (@jennasativa) on

Jenna Sativa has the best pussy.

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  • Zach Becvar

    It is impossible to post too much about Amarna Miller. Absolutely Impossible.

    • OK, as long as you’ll back me up on this one.

      • Zach Becvar

        Anyone gives you crap about the amount of postings on her, just send them my way.

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  • Lola and the hot tub sitting in a uh hot tub. M A S T U R B A T I N G

    My song needs some work

    • It’s good. It’s good. Yeah.

      • I really got into Karley Sciortino a few weeks back and then I got distracted by somebody else.

        • How do people even get jobs writing a column for Vogue? I can’t even.

          • I don’t know cause she seems to do the same things you do. Maybe you need an agent?

          • Yeah, but she sounds smart while doing it. I just sound like a dumbass.

          • I bet she has an editor.

          • That’s not what you’re supposed to say. You’re supposed to say I sound smart. SAY I’M THE SMARTEST!


          • You know it!

  • 最近很少浏览博客了,认真拜读下

  • BDY

    I love the idea of hot tubs but public ones are just human soup. I’d probably fap in it too though.

    • DON’T RUIN IT FOR ME! Hot tubs are the best.

  • GLovejoy

    That’s clever, it’s like a spa membership

    • I’m only clever when it comes to saving a buck.

  • GLovejoy

    You are always clever, find a hopper flight to 29577 and we will pick you up

  • GLovejoy

    Not a fan of lace but a huge fan of everything else

  • GLovejoy

    I think lace itself is attractive but when worn is like wearing sand paper, I had a girlfriend that wanted me to wear lingerie. It was scratchy

    • That’s true. I depends on the quality or the kind of lace, though. Frankly, I prefer plain cotton panties for the most part.

      • GLovejoy

        This is a way late response, been in Mexico. Yes on the all cotton or just none is always great too

  • GLovejoy

    That initial pic of that woman on her knees on the couch, rrrraaaarrrgggghhhh

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