Late Night Nurse Play

by Alpha Harlot on January 30, 2018

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My wife has been watching reruns of ER for the past week. It must have gotten into her head because last night she wanted to try out some doctor/nurse role playing. While it’s not something that we generally do all the time, adding some spice every now and then never hurt anyone.

I don’t mind playing the timid nurse or the dominant doctor, but last night, I could tell that she was in a submissive mood so I took the reigns.

“Your heart seems to be racing. Maybe you better lay down for awhile,”

“I’m sure I’ll be OK,” she answered, “Maybe if I could have one of your treatments?”

“Do you mean the special fingering treatment?” I grabbed a pair of black latex gloves out of my toy drawer and slipped one onto my hand. I let it go with a snap that made her smile instantly.

She was only wearing boxers and a tank top. I could see her nipples getting hard and I wondered if it was because the bedroom was cold or because she was turned on. I tweaked them to be certain that it was the latter.

“I’m going to check your temperature, ok?”

“Yes, doctor.”

I slipped my hand under the waistband of her shorts and felt her puffy pussy lips.

She squirmed a little bit before letting me settle over her clit.

“I think you might need to check a little bit deeper, doctor,” she begged me with her hip churning towards the ceiling.

“Deeper than this?” I slipped the tip of my finger into her fuck hole.

“Yes, deeper.”

I moved my finger in up to my second knuckle.

“How about now? Is that deep enough? I don’t feel anything concerning.”

She moved her own hand to her clit and started working it in circles while I slowly pumped my fingers inside her.

Her pussy is amazingly tight. That’s what she gets for being a gold star lesbian.

We work like a machine together, me pushing my digits inside her pussy, her flipping her fingertips over her clit until I can feel her orgasm forming like a wave.

“The treatment seems to be working, maybe I should stop before it overwhelms you,” I tease her by pulling my fingers out for just a second before returning them with a fury.

Her eyes bug out of her head, “Please don’t stop. I need this so badly,”

She cum all over my gloved hand. The white goo sticks to the latex and I bring my fingers up to my mouth to lick. Her body melts into the bed and she turns over, giving me just enough room to sneak behind her and put my hands on her hips.

Here’s a clip starring Puma Swede, Jessica Jaymes and Nicole Aniston in case you need a bit more visual stimulation.

Image: August Ames and Starri Knight in Lesbian Nurses by Brazzers

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