Let Me Introduce You To TC, The Dude With A 22-Inch Penis

by Lola Byrd on April 11, 2015

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When I was in high school, or was it Junior High, I remember a bunch of us pitching in to rent a motel room for a night. We didn’t sleep there, we just needed a place to hang out and drink beer, and, you know, watch porn. Thirty or so of us snuck into that motel room and huddled around a tiny TV to watch Freaks of Nature.

Have you ever seen one of those flicks? The porn dudes in Freaks of Nature always have ridiculously huge dicks. I mean, we’re talking monster cocks here. Cocks so big they are scientifically impossible and obviously fake, but when you’re an impressionable teenager and you’ve never seen a real penis the 18-inch dick on TV looks real. Scary, but real.

You’d think that after four years of porn blogging, I would no longer fall for obviously fake dicks, but when I read about TC the Tinder dude with the 22-inch dick, I believed. I believed, for a second or two, and then my hopes and dreams were crushed. I kid, obviously a 22-inch dick would be a nightmare and not a dream come true.



Seriously, could you imagine having a dick that big? Such a hassle and you wouldn’t be able to have sex. There’s no woman alive who would let you stick that thing inside of her, I don’t care how much of a size Queen she is.

The great thing about TC and his fake Tinder profile is the way he manages to come off as a sincere dude who is in no way a creepy horn dog trying to get laid.

***Apologies; meeting people is awkward since I cannot hide the size of my penis. I am willing to admit it that it is 22 inches and hangs past my knees. Tends to be a turn-off/deal breaker. Questions? Swipe and say hello.

A few ladies have commented on the original article at The Frisky saying they’ve had contact with this dude on OK Cupid, as well as Tinder, but so far no one has come forward saying they’ve actually met up with the guy. Who knows, maybe his 22-inch penis is the real thing?! Seems unlikely, Jonah Falcon is known as the dude with the biggest penis in the world and his measures in at 13.5 inches, which is nothing to sneeze at considering that’s nearly the length of your average wine bottle, but it’s no 22-inch dick, that’s for sure.

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  • I don’t think you could even walk if you had a 22 inch penis. Plus it’s all blurry and the guy’s face looks weird.

    • My Momma told me to never date a guy with a blurry face. Sage advice.

  • Zach Becvar

    At 22 inches it’s no longer a dick, it is a birth defect partial third leg or anomalous prehensile tail that grew from the wrong part of the body.

    • It would be interesting if humans had tails.

      • My mom says she had a tail when she was a kid.

      • Zach Becvar

        it would make stumbling drunks more interesting to watch.

        • Sitting down would be problematic.

          • Zach Becvar

            Just imagine how much bitching would go on about getting all the chairs and every single pair of pants on the planet altered.

          • Everyone could start wearing kilts.

          • Zach Becvar

            I want a kilt, but not the half assed ones that people have now. I want one of the old school ones that takes like 12 yards of fabric and two assistants to put on. That way I can look the part if I ever get to visit the square foot of Scotland that I own.

          • You own a square foot of Scotland? Impressive.

          • Zach Becvar

            It’s one of the fun like things I like dropping on people. Now when people call me a gentleman and a scholar, I can say they are correct on both counts.

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